Forming roller with recover


Manual processes become automatic

The roll forming machine with recover (RPP), as provided with
wheels, can be integrated with the production line and it's
managed from a software.
Its function is to deposit and press the laminated or extruded
dough inside a tray, removing the surplus.
The machine is provided with: an embossed device, a forming
roller, a conveyor belt for the off-cuts and a hopper.
Both embossed device and forming roll may change according to
the shape of trays.
The machine can be disassembled and cleaned easily without

Conveyor belt aavailable width: 600 mm

Height: 1650 mm

Width: 1600 mm

Lenght: 1200 mm


Is integrated in process line


Scraps recovery device


Mould to shape the dough in pan


Wheeled machine


Stainless steel construction


The shortcrust pastry is placed on the baking tray and it's pressed

automatically to realize the jam tarts.

The images shown here are for illustrative purpose only. Both machine's features and finished product may change according to customisations requested by the Client.