Dosing feeder for granulates


Manual processes become automatic

The dosing feeder for granulates (DGN) has been designed to dose grainy, floury and dry products.
The machine has an hopper in which the product is loaded and a belt (with adjustable speed) that discharge and deposit the required dose on the conveyor belt.
Density, quantity, location and area to cover with granules can be adjusted as required.
The machine can be equipped with special dosing head shaped according to the product to cover with grains.
The structure is made in stainless steel and, therefore, suitable for contact with food.

Hopper capacity: 22 lt

Maximum dosage width: 60 cm


Density regulation


Quantity regulation


Area to cover can be adjusted as required


Garnishing of ganulated sugar, sprinkle of sponge-cake, salting.

The images shown here are for illustrative purpose only. Both machine's features and finished product may change according to the customisations requested by the Client.