Electronic volumetric depositor


Manual processes become automatic

The electronic-volumetric depositor (DVE) has a pumping system with a syringe.
The device is activated by a brushless motor and it's controlled with a touch screen panel.
The depositor can be used stand-alone or installed on a conveyor belt.
The main advantages are:
high dosing accuracy and syringe speed control;
management of the suction system;
single dosage or continuous dosing process.
The depositor is equipped with a large variety of accessories, among which:
heads with single or multiple adjustable nozzles;
rotating nozzle for top and side icing;
turn table;
sac à poche (hand gun nozzle);
motorized adjustment of the height.
The depositor's structure is made of stainless steel and can be disassembled and cleaned easily without tools.

Hopper volume: 50 lt

Hopper loading height: 180-190 cm

Work-top height: 850-950 cm

Maximum dosing volume: 1,5 lt – 3 lt

Weight 250 kg


Cylinder with brushless motor


Touch screen control


High dosing accuracy


Single or continous dosing process


Large variety of accessories


Dosage of semi-liquid to dense food products through single or multiple nozzles; such as: cream, whipped cream, jam, sauces, semi-liquid cheese

The images shown here are for illustrative purpose only. Both machine's features and finished product may change according to the customisations requested by the Client.