Auger doser


Manual processes become automatic

Excellent for needs of high quality and great variability of small
and medium productivity.
The auger doser (DFA) allows to fill bags and boxes with high
accuracy and in a rapid way.
It's provided with:
● electronic weighing scale, that manages directly the
movement of the double self-cleaning auger, as regards type
of dosage and memorisation of recipes;
● removable bridge breaker device;
● user-adjustable loading bench to fit the size of bags or boxes.
The machine can be disassembled and cleaned easily without
Shown below a list of granular or powder food products easily
worked with the machine DFA:
● flour, cocoa seeds, yeast, cooking salt, table salt, pepper,
sugar, chocolate chips, rice, barley, spelt, seeeds, spices,
shelled peanuts and thick sauces.
The structure is made in stainless steel and, therefore, suitable
for contact with food.

Height: 1750 mm

Width: 650 mm

Lenght: 860 mm

Hopper capacity: lt 30


Precision electronic weighing


Auger Self-cleaning


Shuffler bridge-breaker


Quick disassembly for cleaning


Stand-alone machine to filling and weighing:

food products in powder

food products granulated


The images shown here ar for illustrative purpose only. Boh machine's features and finished product may change according to customisation requested by the Client.