Disc cutter machine


Manual processes become automatic

The disc cutter machine can be integrated with a process line; furthermore, the machine is managed from a software and syncronized with the conveyor belt.
Its function is to cut and divide the dough on the conveyor belt, into longitudinal strips.
It has a shaft with blades (disc shaped) installed in a replaceable drawer, that can be designed according to needs, (width and number of strips).
The shaft is equipped with a motor and an inverter to permit the speed adjustment.
The machine can be disassembled and cleaned easily without tools.

Min. spacing strips: 10 mm

Cutting lenght: 400-600 mm


Integrated with a process line


Interchangeable shaft with blades


Structure and components removable without tools


Multiple cut in strips of food products, such as: sponge cake, pastry, bread, pizza, raw dough

The images shown here are for illustrative purpose only. Both machine's features and finished product may change according to customisation requested by the Client.