Dosing unit belted


Manual processes become automatic

The dosing tape allows to garnish the food, sprinkling on its surface the grained product, with the intensity and quantity desired.
It's a trolley machine, can be positioned above a conveyor belt, and therefore integrated to a process line.
It consists of a hopper with a conveyor belt and rotating combs to make an uniform layer of product to be deposited.
The speed of combs and belt are adjustable independently to generate the desired intensity of discharge.
It can operate in mode continuous or step-step, as set by the control program of the process line.
Its characteristic of extreme flexibility and ease of use is amplified thanks to the possibility of complete disassembly of the machine manually without the aid of tools.
That's an important advantage, to be able to fulfill in a short time the cleaning operations.
Between the products that are able to process with the DFA there are:
or mozzarella cheese (diced or julienne)
chocolate chips
shelled peanuts

Height: 1760 mm

Width: 1450 mm

Lenght: 1250 mm

Hopper capacity: lt 30

Max dosing lenght: 600 mm


Be integrated to process line


Wheeled machine


Made in stainless steel


Dosing of granular products

The images used are illustrative purposes only. The appearance of the machine such as that of the finished product may vary depending on the customization required by the customer