Trays destacker


Manual processes become automatic

The de-stacker machine for trays DVM can be integrated to the process line, and is managed with the same software.
Its function is to deposit plastic trays on the conveyor belt, which then will advance to predetermined step in order to allow the subsequent phases of the process.
The machine is equipped with a template where is load the whole stack of trays.
The template is interchangeable in order to handle different sizes and shapes of trays.
As an option, there is also a version with double template that, simultaneously, composes 2 rows of trays coupled.
All parts to remove for cleaning, are designed tools free.

Height: 1385 mm

Width: 640 mm

Length: 880 mm

Height to placing: 900 mm

Width of the tray: 40-600 mm

Length of tray: 40-300 mm

Maximum stack height: 300 mm


Integrated into the process line


Customized stack holder, conformed to the shape and size of the tray


Available also bi-row version (2 trays at a time)


Wheeled chassis


Construction in stainless steel


Unloads the thermo-plastic trays on conveyor at the programmed step

The images used are illustrative purposes only. The appearance of the machine such as that of the finished product may vary depending on the customization required by the customer.