Automatic workbench


Manual processes become automatic

The automatic workbench is the heart of the innovative concept of SOST, where we highlight the characteristics of flexibility and modularity.
It can be applied in different fields of food industry: pastry, bakery, catering, manual packing of food, and so on.
It consists of a conveyor belt with controlled movement and a control system with touch-screen.
Control of timing and costs of production by means of stored recipes, that define speed and cadence in addition to managing accessory machines (e.g. electronic volumetric depositors, depositors for liquids, dosing powders units, trays destackers, cutter machines, extruders, moulders single pan, etc..).
The accessory machines can be easily positioned along the workbench or even alternating with operators.
Thereby transforming the machine into a new custom system, whenever you want and in short changeover time.
The automatic workbench has braked wheels; furthermore, it can be disassembles and cleaned easily without tools.

Working height: 900 mm

Work table width: 400-600 mm

Length: 3 - 4 - 6 mt

Belt speed: 1 - 6 mt/min


Control panel with touch-screen and programmable recipes


High flexibility of use and quickly convertible


Modular design


Structure on wheels


Made in stainless steel


Automation of manual processes in the food industry

The images shown here are for illustrative purposes only. The appearance of the machine such as that of the finished product may vary depending on the customization required by the Customer.